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Product Release Spotlight: BigTime Mobile

AUTHOR: The BigTime Team

Introducing our new mobile experience!

We know that a reliable mobile application is important for helping your staffers easily and efficiently upload their time and expenses on-the-go. That’s why we’re launching a brand new mobile application for both iOS and Android to support your time and expense tracking needs. 

What features are included?

We’re excited to introduce a number of new features for BigTime Mobile. Here’s what you can expect from the new app.

  • New home screen experience for quick start timers and weekly action items

  • Project List

    • View and manage fields such as: Display Name, Project ID, Start / Due Date, Status, and Client Address

  • Staff List

    • View and manage staffer fields such as: Name, Title, Email, Phone, Status

  • Synced View Permissions

    • View permissions for Project and Staff lists on web are synced to the mobile app, ensuring your team only sees what they need.

  • Offline mode (Android only)

Time Tracking

  • Create, save, submit, view, and delete time entries

  • View rejected and locked entries

  • One-tap Timers (Start / Pause / Finish)

  • Firm specific time entry format (Decimal vs Hours)

  • Timesheet Lock Period

  • Resubmit Rejected Time 

Expense Tracking

  • Submit expense reports or resubmit after rejection

  • Upload receipt photos and PDFs

  • Applying credit cards to expenses

  • Project specific Expense Codes

  • Resubmit Rejected Expenses

Future Improvements

We have a number of future improvements planned after this initial release. These include:

  • DCAA Timekeeping

  • Cancel Timer function

  • Offline Mode for iOS

  • Custom fields for Time & Expense tracking

  • Tax Rates for Expenses

  • Pay Items

  • Pre-defined time entry values

If you’re a new Mobile user, you can download the app now from the Apple or Google Play store. If you already have our legacy app, we encourage you to uninstall and download the new one to take advantage of the improved features. To learn more, check out our "Getting Started with BigTime Mobile" Knowledge Base article or explore more product release details below.

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