The BigTime Team

Release Update: December 2023

AUTHOR: The BigTime Team

BigTime is always getting better and easier to use. We’re focused on helping your business operate smoothly so you can stay focused on what you do best. With every new release, you can expect exciting new features and updates designed to help your firm run as efficiently as possible.

New this December: a sleek new Report Center, changes to the timesheet lock function, and more.

What’s New -

Time & Expenses

Improved: The “lock timesheet” view now displays the next lock date instead of the prior period date. You’ll see a calendar view of the grace period highlighted in yellow, with a red line between days indicating when the lock will occur. A tooltip will explain the lock date and how it’s calculated, and you can use a new On/Off toggle switch to activate the timesheet lock feature.

Projects & Tasks

Improved: Previously, the Allocation Budget Data update functionality was only available on projects that used the “Standard Budget” style. You can now use this functionality on projects set up in the “Project Budget” style as well. 

Reporting & Analytics

New: An updated, opt-in Report Center design has been created that includes search functionality. Tooltips and hover-over descriptions have been added to default report names to help you better understand how each report type works. To learn everything about what the new Report Center design offers  and how to start using it, you can read this article.

Improved: You can now report on a default invoice PDF that is applied to a project. You can do so with any report type that includes Project Details fields.

Invoicing & Payments

Improved: The landing page for Canadian Wallet users has replaced the routing number field tooltip with two separate institution ID and transit ID fields.

Improved: BlueSnap journal entries will sync from BigTime Wallet to QuickBooks Desktop.


Improved: Projects imported from Jira into BigTime will map the Jira Project ID field to the corresponding BigTime project.

Improved: A default tax item can be applied to each task in QuickBooks, and any invoice subtotaled by task, fixed fee or item based billing will automatically apply that tax item to the invoice line item.

Improved: Duplicate projects with the same project ID can be important from Sage Intacct to BigTime. The project ID for the newer imported project will have a -1 at the end.

BigTime Foresight

New: Foresight beta users can now navigate to the Foresight Project Calendar by clicking a new “View Project Calendar” button on the BigTime Project List page. To access this button the user must have the “Resource management for managers” permission activated.

New: Users can get to the Foresight Demand Calendar from the BigTime Core by clicking the Demand Calendar option under the RESOURCING tab.

New: You can now navigate to the Foresight Demand Calendar from the BigTime Core by clicking a new Demand Calendar option under the RESOURCING tab.

What’s Fixed -

Fixed: A staffer that has been forgotten in BigTime will share the same status in Foresight.

Fixed: Allocated fees will now update alongside the Project Budget Style.

Fixed: Timesheet reminder notifications now show the correct number of hours. These will also now be sent out on time.

Fixed: Vendor expenses will import with the 2023 version of QuickBooks Desktop.

Fixed: Project budget style projects will pull in the total fees in the Allocation Wizard window.

Fixed: The “default invoice type” field will export to XLS invoices.

Fixed: The revenue recognition model can be updated within a pop-up window.

Fixed: The retainer line item on invoices will keep and save the set retaining terms.

Fixed: Hour and fee estimates won’t sum the value in time reports.

Fixed: The “edit notifications” buttons can be clicked on for all notification types.

Fixed: Capacity on reports are again being calculated correctly.

Fixed: System admins will be notified when Lacerte fails to sync with TaxLink.

Fixed: Expense reports won’t show up on the Unposted list after posting to QuickBooks Online.

Fixed: There is now a buffer time and a “reset sync time” button available for vendors in Sage Intacct.

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