The BigTime Team

Release Update: October 2023

AUTHOR: The BigTime Team

BigTime is focused on helping your business operate smoothly so you can stay focused on what you do best. This means we’re committed to constantly making our product better and easier to use. With every new release, you can expect exciting new features and updates designed to help your firm run as efficiently as possible.

New this October: A full product reskin, search functions in the Planning and Utilization Boards, new invoice fields, and more. 

What’s New -

A Fresh Look & Feel

New: BigTime has been reskinned to improve platform accessibility, readability and navigation. You’ll now see new colors, graph styles, logo designs and other visual updates throughout BigTime.

New: The “refer a friend” link now appears as a button at the bottom of the BigTime login screen. 

Projects & Tasks

New: A Task Retainer field has been added to the Task Editor. This will help you easily add retainer amount details to your tasks.

New: The Planning Board and Utilization Board now both include a search bar, allowing you to search and filter for specific staffers or projects.

New: You can now view exactly how your budget has been spent on the project budget status chart in your Project Vitals screen. Within that chart, you can toggle between actuals invoiced and total input.

Time & Expenses

Improved: System Admins and Project Managers can now limit which expense codes staffers can access then they input expenses toward a specific project.

Improved: Custom expense entry fields can be set as “Admin Only”. Flagging one of these fields as “Admin Only” will prevent any non-admin staffers from being able to see those fields.

Invoicing & Payments

New: A new invoice template called “Task Budget Line Items” has been made available at all subscription levels. This template automatically includes fields and data related to task line items and budget statuses, and can be useful when you bill your clients by task.

New: Firms that use BigTime Wallet to process invoice payments can now offer AutoPay as an option for their clients. 

Improved: Invoices subtotaled by labor code will automatically apply that labor code’s default tax rate.

Reporting & Analytics

New: A new field labeled “Date Submitted” can show report administrators the exact date a staffer submitted a time entry.

New: A new field called “Default Invoice Type” can now be found under the Project Details section of reports. This field allows you to report on the default invoice type for each project.

Improved: Reports that allow for selecting specific projects or clients will include the names of both projects and clients when you export those reports to DOC or PDF.

Improved: You can now include client ID information on any report type that contains project/client details. 

Improved: Any custom fields you’ve created for use on expense entry can be reported on when you use a Time & Expense report.

Improved: BigTime now can show you granular data about specific billable hours or fees on Task Reports.

Improved: If your firm uses BigTime’s data warehouse feature, you can now export an invoice’s PDF link alongside the rest of your invoice dataset. To do so, set the Invoice PDF link checkbox to “true”  under the Invoicing Data section of the data warehouse settings page.

Improved: If you use the A/R Aging graph on dashboards to keep track of your firm’s performance, you’ll now be able to switch the graph view between a bar graph or a pie chart, depending on your preference.

What’s Fixed -

Fixed: Vitals are now available immediately when you launch them from an invoice.

Fixed: Typos in field descriptions have been fixed.

Fixed: The invoiced amount on the Monthly Invoicing Summary chart now includes tax amounts.

Fixed: Cost centers in all graphs can now be altered.

Fixed: Text on the currency screen is no longer cut off.

Fixed: ACH will now display as the payment type field in payment details whenever it’s used.

Fixed: Feedback on actions made in dashboards will specifically address what actions were taken.

Fixed: The Open Job (Allocation Summary) drill down and other drill down options in reports function smoothly.

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