Jami Klotz

What’s New in BigTime: April 2023

AUTHOR: Jami Klotz

BigTime is always getting better and easier to use. We’re focused on helping your business operate smoothly so you can stay focused on what you do best. 

New this April: the ability to schedule recurring data exports, custom invoices available to your clients in the client portal and through payment links, and multi-currency in beta. 

Your data, your way: schedule recurring data warehouse exports

You can now choose when to export BigTime data to your Azure database for increased precision in scheduling data syncs. Choose either a daily or weekly recurring export at any time, up to twice per day.

Enhanced client experience: custom invoices in the client portal and through payment links

Your clients can now view any custom invoice you’ve uploaded to BigTime. Externally created invoices are now visible in two key places: 1. In the invoice history in the client portal, or 2. When payments are made through the Wallet payment link. This visibility creates a consistent, personalized, and professional experience for your clients. 

This builds on last month, when we introduced the ability to upload an invoice created outside of BigTime. Uploading an externally created invoice allows you to use the invoicing format of your choosing, while still using BigTime to send it to clients.

Coming Soon-

Multi-currency is in beta 

We’re continuing to test multi-currency, which is designed to support businesses that operate globally or work with clients and vendors in different countries. With multi-currency, you can enjoy greater flexibility, accuracy, and visibility across various parts of the platform, such as invoicing and billing, expense submission, and reporting. These benefits can help improve overall efficiency and profitability.

A small group of customers are testing it out to help us make improvements before it’s available to everyone. Stay tuned! 

For the full list of updates, including bug fixes, scroll through your announcements in BigTime. If you have questions or just want to say hello, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at

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